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Street food in Pakistan

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way to stomach part? Spot on. But I don’t really think this applies to men only. Because this is the way to everyone’s heart. No dependency on gender, age, or social status. And Pakistanis know how to reach one’s heart! Food to Pakistanis is what a pen is to a writer or steering to a car or even oxygen to a human! If you take a walk around the streets of some of the busiest cities of Pakistan (Rawalpindi, Lahore, or Karachi t

What article 370 meant to Kashmir

“Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, — (a) the provisions of article 238 shall not apply in relation to the State of Jammu and Kashmir; (b) the power of Parliament to make laws for the said State shall be limited to— (i) those matters in the Union List and the Concurrent List which, in consultation with the Government of the State, are declared by the President to correspond to matters specified in the Instrument of Accession governing the accession of the State to the Dominion of

Pakistani Cinema and How it Evolved

If someday, while sitting in your cozy lounge with your parents, you ask them about Syed Noor, Sangeeta, Mustafa Qureshi, or Zeba, you might hear praises and lauds about the greatest assets of Pakistani cinema. This list can go on and on and end up on names we still see on our TVs today but these were some of the pioneers of our Cinema. Since the partition, most of the people associated with the industry had left the newly born state, Pakistan had to establish everything from scratch- even the e

Street cricket - Finest childhood memory of a Pakistani

They turned the lights on. They had brought a small, used broom with them to wipe off the pitch. People started to gather on their rooftops to have a good view of the happenings in the street. A guy stepped forward into the middle of the pitch and in a loud voice started to read the rules off of a little crumpled page he took out from his pocket. It was the second day of Ramadan and marked the start of the street cricket tournament of a highly populous area of Rawalpindi. Some people from the ne

Sexual Violence in Indian occupied Kashmir

“These soldiers grabbed me, tore my pheran, my shirt – I don’t even know what happened after that. There were five of them. I still remember their faces.” This was the last memory of that night which Zooni (not the original name) had. It all happened on 23rd February 1991 when the Indian army started a routine “cordon and search” operation in the small village of Kunan in Kupwara district. This was just a single, among hundreds of such cases of rape and sexual violence committed by the barbaric